The finale of Westworld Season One aired a year and four months ago. Her name is Dolores Abernathy, and she is Westworld oldest functioning host. Dolores lives with her father, a rancher, in a house outside the town of Sweetwater. In the first season of "Westworld" there was no plot movement, it was a huge and intricate puzzle assembled before our eyes. Every event and action was directed at solving the puzzle, the characters and the plot did not roll forward, but only played their part in the grand scheme. Feelings, motives and even coincidences, it was all part of a pre planned dance. The plot was built like a clock, dozens of tiny gears sitting right on the spot, and throughout the ten chapters they revealed to us the complex mechanism and expected us to simply marvel at the spectacular machine.The narrative assigned to her is fairly simple: Wake up, go to town and buy supplies. There, she encounters her old flame Teddy Flood, another host in the park, for a few hours before he leaves town again. Since then, there’s been an entire Game of Thrones season, about 450 political scandals, and dozens of new shows to occupy your viewing time. No one would blame you if you’d forgotten the basic plot to Westworld — let alone its multiple timelines, the people who look like people but are actually robots who think they’re people, the people who are people who think they’re people but are actually robots made to look like dead people, and how many times Teddy died.

Genres: Drama, Western, Thriller, Sci-Fi

Stars: Rodrigo Santoro, Jeffrey Wright, Thandie Newton, Sidse Babett Knudsen, Angela Sarafyan, Evan Rachel Wood, Anthony Hopkins, Simon Quarterman, Shannon Marie Woodward, Ben Barnes

Quality: HD [1080p]

First aired: 01 Jan, 2016