The Wire

"The Wire" describes the demise of US society through organized (drug) crime in the city of Baltimore. With realistically portrayed characters whose personalities and relationships continue to evolve throughout the squadrons, an impressive milieu study emerges showing trafficking in illegal substances from the point of view of police officers, criminals and drug addicts as well as politicians and journalists. Drug trafficking, killings and corporate crime are commonplace in Baltimore. In the midst of the fight against crime is the cop Jimmy McNulty. While the first season deals with the fight of the police against a powerful drug dealer family, the focus in season 2 will be on prostitution and corruption in the waterfront district. Season 3 shows the political effort, hurdles and limits in the fight against crime and brings to an end some of the open strands of the first season. The fourth season accompanies four students on their difficult journey through the school system of the city. In the fifth and final season, the role of local media in the social and political fight against crime is included in the plot.

Genres: Mystery, Action, Drama, Crime, Adventure

Stars: Frankie Faison, Deirdre Lovejoy, Wood Harris, John Doman, Aidan Gillen, Chris Bauer, Amy Ryan, Sonja Sohn, Idris Elba, Andre Royo

Quality: HD [1080p]

First aired: 01 Jan, 2002