In his own comedic role, Jerry Seinfeld leads a life that does not spoil him all the time, especially because of women. With his dishonest collaborator and his crazy neighbor, Jerry analyzes all the little things of everyday life and the absurdities of society. The show about nothing: comedian Jerry Seinfeld and his three friends Elaine Benes (ex-girlfriend and platonic love), Kramer (as a neighbor, he goes in and out of Seinfeld's apartment) and George Costanzo (realtor and Seinfeld's best friend) are the ones who have come to life Evidence for the correctness of the chaos theory: The fight for a seat in the restaurant, an illegal cable connection, the question of the correct amount of tipping or even a false note on the answering machine of the new flame - the four neurotic New Yorkers ride so long on the Tiny adversities of everyday life, until it becomes a huge life crisis. Each episode begins with a stand-up monologue by Jerry Seinfeld in a New York nightclub. The pilot episode The Madness Wife ran in the US as a special in July 1989, The series itself then started in May 1990.

Genres: Drama, Comedy

Stars: Wayne Knight, Jerry Seinfeld, Heidi Swedberg, Barney Martin, Michael Richards, Jerry Stiller, Jason Alexander

Quality: HD [1080p]

First aired: 01 Jan, 1989