Bored from his existence as the prince of hell, the fallen angel Lucifer (Tom Ellis) gives up his throne to enjoy his life in the varied city of Los Angeles. For his own enjoyment, he helps the Los Angeles Police Department hunt down criminals. The character Lucifer was originally created by writer Neil Gaiman as part of his series "The Sandman" in 1989. Mike Carey wrote a spin-off series titled The Sandman Presents: Lucifer in 1999, then wrote a Lucifer solo series for 75 issues that ended in 2006. The deal with the devil was successful. Netflix has finally ordered a fourth season from Lucifer, undoing the cancellation. Tom Ellis and Co return. Lucifer is now officially saved! What was a rumor in the beginning is now true. All the fights have paid off and the worldwide enthusiasm for the series has decided everything. Netflix brings the lord of hell back for an awesome Fourth Season, and the series is currently on 67 episodes. The broadcast probably starts in early 2019!

Genres: Action, Comedy, Western, Fantasy, Thriller, Food, Sport, Drama, Adventure, Mystery, Horror, Crime

Stars: Tricia Helfer, Rachael Harris, Kevin Alejandro, Aimee Garcia, Tom Ellis, Scarlett Estevez, Lauren German

Quality: HD [1080p]

First aired: 01 Jan, 2016