How To Get Away With Murder

"How To Get Away With Murder" The story of Annalize Keating is a brilliant, charismatic and captivating professor who offers the "How to Get Away with Murder" course. Whether at a trial or in a classroom, Annalize is ruthless. A defense lawyer, she represents criminals, from the most violent to those suspected of simple fraud. His goal is to do almost anything he can to win their freedom. In addition, every year, Annalize selects a group of students, who turn out to be the smartest and most promising, to come to work in his office. But even in her second job as a professor of criminal law, she knows to use her talents and to use some of her best students for their activities in court. Thus, theoretical material soon becomes a practical exercise with real murderers. Because to learn from Annalize is the opportunity of a life, one that can change everything for these students, forever. But the students do not know at the beginning that they soon have to apply what they have learned in reality.

Genres: Drama, Thriller, Action, Suspense, Mystery, Crime

Stars: Karla Souza, Jack Falahee, Viola Davis, Liza Weil, Aja Naomi King, Charlie Weber, Alfred Enoch, Matt McGorry, Katie Findlay, Billy Brown

Quality: HD [1080p]

First aired: 01 Jan, 2014