Dexter Morgan is a serial killer you can not really be angry with. He works as a blood analyst with the Miami police and kills only people who have already murdered. At the same time he tries to reconcile his professional and private life with his unusual nocturnal activity. He uses his aptitude, frequently withholding proof from the police so he can settle murders and slaughter the executioners either before they slaughter once more, or before they are gotten by the police. The series plays with moral conventions and draws its tension from the conflict of the main character, who has to reconcile her murderous urge with work and private life. In order to direct his urge to kill people in an "orderly direction," Dexter received a code from his father, the now-defunct police officer Harry (James Remar), to hold on to. Dexter has a particularly close relationship with his step-sister Debra (Jennifer Carpenter), who works in the Murder Murder Department as well as he does.

Genres: Thriller, Crime, Suspense, Mystery, Drama

Stars: David Zayas, Erik King, Julie Benz, Lauren Velez, Christian Camargo, Jennifer Carpenter, James Remar, Desmond Harrington

Quality: HD [1080p]

First aired: 01 Jan, 2006