Black Mirror

"Black Mirror" - It's the middle of the night. The Prime Minister of Britain receives a phone call that awakens him from sleep and is called urgently to get to the Situation Room. "Black Mirror" is a British anthology series by serial creator Charlie Brooker and producer Annabel Jones. There they inform him that the beloved Princess has been kidnapped. How it affects people is portrayed in part as frightening, partly amusing, but mostly fatalistic, and allows us to draw conclusions about our current world. In the afternoon, the prime minister has to perform live on all the local and international television networks, and have full sex with a pig, in front of the cameras and in the eyes of the whole nation. Each episode will be screened using different characters in each new setting, a possible scenario with different advanced technology.

Genres: Fantasy, Thriller, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Horror, Drama

Stars: Lenora Crichlow, Jessica Brown Findlay, Tom Cullen, Tobias Menzies, Chloe Pirrie, Jason Flemyng, Daniel Kaluuya, Toby Kebbell, Rory Kinnear, Daniel Rigby

Quality: HD [1080p]

First aired: 01 Jan, 2011