American Horror Story

A highly budget invested horror series, full great actors. Apocalypse is the highly anticipated eighth installment of the anthology TV series American Horror Story and is set to premiere on FX in America on September 12, 2018. It seems that Murphy, having identified the lack of a good musical program and created one, has moved his energies to quench the genre of horror that desperately required refreshment. At the center of the TV series is the Harmon's family: Dr. Ben Harmon (Dylan McDermott), Vivien (Connie Britton) and their teenage daughter Violet (Carmen Blanchard). The family moves from the East Coast to a castle-like house in Los Angeles, and from the opening it is clear that something is wrong with the house. The main cast includes Sarah Paulson and Lily Rabe as Shelby Miller, Cuba Gooding, Jr. and André Holland as Matt Miller, Adina Porter and Angela Bassett as Lee Miller, and Kathy Bates as the hostile tribe leader. Also, this season links all the seasons of the show together, therefore officially declaring a shared in-show universe.

Genres: Horror, Thriller, Drama, Suspense, Mystery, Fantasy

Stars: Dylan McDermott, Evan Peters, Joseph Fiennes, Taissa Farmiga, Connie Britton, Jessica Lange, James Cromwell, Emma Roberts

Quality: HD [1080p]

First aired: 01 Jan, 2011